Work package 7 “Early interventions” performs four key tasks.


Task 7.1.

Policies and interventions on nutrition and physical activity

The task intends to list, compare and benchmark, within and between the participating countries the policies and actions of nutrition and physical activity that are specifically targeted for pregnant mothers and families with small children.


Task 7.2

Analyse selected interventions

The task proposes to evaluate and analyse examples of actions in EU countries and possibilities of drafting a model for providing equal services for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. Under this task information from on-going pilots and other interventions is collected, in order to gain better understanding of the conditions where good practice work and where they do not work.


Task 7.3

Select good practice models

The task produces good practice models for different settings to promote healthy lifestyle in young families with harmonised recommendations for actions.


Task 7.4

Good practice models for future actions

The aim of the task is to summarize procedures for developing, monitoring and evaluating policies, organisational and other experiences and practices across Europe to be further disseminated.