Work package 7 promotes early interventions for pregnant women and families with young children


The National Institute for Health and Welfare - THL (Finland), is the leader of the work package 7.


Early intervention refers to actions and policies that are targeted to pregnant women and families with children up to the age of two. Providing counselling and proper information for future parents about the health benefits of breastfeeding, which is the first step to prevent childhood obesity, healthy diet and physical activity for children and adults, have long term positive impacts on the population. It is also crucial to include fathers and other care-givers as they also represent a model for future behaviour of children regarding both eating habits and physical activity.


The aim of the work package 7 is to improve the quality of public policies and interventions promoting healthy diets and physical activity and diminish sedentary behaviour by developing information on models of good practice, with special attention to the social inequality aspects.


The work package intends to build a network for future monitoring and translation of research into policy and practice regarding the determinants of dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours.


Outline of the work package

Common inventory with information on effectiveness and implementation of providing services would support sharing and transferring of good practice in Europe. In this regard, the work package intends to evaluate and summarize concrete policies and implementation initiatives in each of the Member States, transfer know-how, promote capacity building and adaptation to local conditions, including budgetary constraints (focus on well-tested, high-impact, low-cost initiatives ).



Work package 7 performs four key tasks.





BMG (Austria), AGES (Austria), NCPHA (Bulgaria), MoH BG (Bulgaria), MFSU-UHL (Bulgaria), HZJZ (Croatia), SZU (Czech Republic), NIHD (Estonia), aid/GIL (Germany), MoH I (Italy), ISS (Italy), La Ligue (Luxembourg), MEH (Malta), HDIR (Norway), MS (Portugal), IOMC (Romania).


Contact: Heli KUUSIPALO at heli.kuusipalo@thl.fi