Work package 6 “Healthy environments by integrated approaches” performs four key tasks.


Task 6.1

Definition of good practices

The first step of the work package is to develop good practice criteria in relation to childhood obesity prevention, considering not only the evidence-based, ethical aspects, effectiveness, monitoring and evaluation, but also the issues of sustainability and inequalities in health. The criteria will be applied to identify good practices.


Task 6.2

Identify integrated approaches in kindergartens and schools

This task concerns the collection and analysis of existing policy approaches and national level programmes, projects, initiatives and interventions designed to improve nutrition and/or physical activity or prevent childhood obesity in kindergartens and schools.


Task 6.3

Capacity assessment

This task proposes an overview of existing capacities and resources for the prevention of childhood obesity in the participating countries, conducting a web-based surveys at the basic level and conducting a personnel interviews at the advanced level. Participants are selected from leading organisations (representatives of organisations) and policy sectors (policy-makers) relevant to the prevention of childhood obesity. As well as this, some interviews with European bodies representing children/parents/teachers is carried out to better identify their needs and points of view.


Task 6.4

Guidance on “Healthy environments by integrated approaches”

This task summarises the findings and creates a state-of-the-art guidance and a web-based toolbox for programme planners and decision makers.