Work package 6 helps Member States to create healthier environments in kindergartens and schools


The National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition - OGYEI (Hungary), is the leader of the work package 6.


Childhood obesity is influenced by various sectors beyond health. As this is increasingly being recognized, the EU Action Plan on childhood obesity is calling Member States to work on integrated approaches with a specific focus on kindergarten and school settings.

The term integrated approach has a wide range of meanings. This work package focus on four dimensions:

  • addressing multiple aspects of childhood obesity
  • involving all stakeholders of a particular setting
  • including actors from different sectors
  • using multi-level measures.

The overarching goal of the work package is to help Member States to create healthier environments in kindergartens and schools by providing guidance on policy options and initiatives on different levels.


Taking the unique opportunity of having a joint action focusing on tackling childhood obesity with a presence of health ministries and key agencies in the consortium, work package 6 puts emphasis on assessing and building policy capacity and underlines the important role that programme planners and decision makers can play in addressing childhood obesity.


Outline of the work package

The work package intends to collect and analyse good practices, then assess policy capacity. Finally the work package provides a know-how for programme planners and decision makers on WHAT and HOW to implement effective environmental measures with particular attention to social inequality aspects.






NCPHA (Bulgaria), MoH BG (Bulgaria), NIHD (Estonia), DGS FR (France), FAU (Germany), DGE (Germany), ATEITH (Greece), OEFI (Hungary), MoH I (Italy), ISS (Italy), SPKC (Latvia), MISA (Luxembourg), SUM (Poland), UBB (Romania), UVZSR (Slovakia), NIJZ (Slovenia), AECOSAN (Spain).


Collaborating stakeholders

Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) - Germany, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) - Germany, National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) - Romania, Ministry of Health (MoH) - Cyprus, National Association "Diabetes, Prediabetes and metabolic Syndrome" (NADPMS) - Bulgaria, World Health Organization-Regional Office for Europe (WHO Europe) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC-EU) provide support to a number of activities.


Contact: Kovács Viktória Anna at kovacs.viktoria@ogyei.gov.hu