Work package 5 shares the best practices on nutritional information on food and diet


The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety - ANSES (France), is the leader of the work package 5.


The main objective of work package 5 is to share, in the nine EU countries, the best practices on how the nutritional information on food and diet is gathered and used for nutritional policy by the different stakeholders: public health actors, food industry and retailers, advertising agencies, consumer organisations.


The use of best practices contributes to the improvement of the nutritional food quality within and between countries by creating a virtuous circle among the food providers and empowering families by giving them nutritional information on foods.


Outline of the work package

The work package produces a report on the best practices in the use of food and nutritional information for public health nutrition policy.

The work package also proposes to implement 2 pilot studies (in Austria and in Romania) and to launch a European network to monitor the nutritional quality of manufactured foods and promote food reformulations.



Work package 5 performs four key tasks.





BMG (Austria), AGES (Austria), WIV-ISP (Belgium), INRA (France), IPH (Ireland), NCPHA (Bulgaria), MoH BG (Bulgaria), SMLPC (Lithuania), HDIR (Norway), UBB (Romania), UVZSR (Slovakia), NIJZ (Slovenia).


Contact: Karine VIN at karine.vin@anses.fr