Work package 4 “Evidence and economic rationale for action on childhood obesity” performs five key tasks


Task 4.1

International Scientific Advisory Group

An expert International Scientific Advisory Group (ISAG) is established to guide scientific aspects of work package 4.


Task 4.2

Evidence paper and study protocols

The work package reviews published literature and materials gathered in related projects. The evidence paper covers prevalence, health and other impacts, healthcare and other costs, evidence and experience of socially disadvantaged in EU as well as the availability and quality of the data in the countries.  


The study protocols identify the most appropriate methodology and modelling approach.


Task 4.3

Basic studies in three Member States

Croatia, Italy and Portugal are participating in basic studies, in order to:

  • estimate and forecast prevalence of obesity
  • estimate current obesity-related impacts and costs
  • estimate future impacts and costs.

Task 4.4

Advanced studies in four Member States

Task Leader: HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research (UCC-CHDR), Ireland

Four countries are participating in advanced studies: Greece, Ireland, Romania and Slovenia. The Member States and Ireland, co-ordinate the advanced studies.

The aims of the more advanced studies are to strengthen the methodology of the basic studies, assist in the interpretation of country-specific findings, explore grading of country-specific findings and build capacity in participating EU Member States.


Task 4.5

Briefings for EU Ministers

The final product of work package 4 is a working brief which can then be used by EU Ministers of Health as an evidence base for additional measures to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.