Work package 4 deals with the lifetime cost of childhood obesity


The Institute of Public Health in Ireland - IPH IRL (Ireland), is the leader of the work package 4.


Considerable work has been done on the healthcare costs of adult obesity. Childhood impacts of obesity, however, are rarely included in obesity costing studies. Much more work is necessary to understand the impacts of childhood obesity as well as exploring non-healthcare (societal) costs in more detail.

Work package 4 starts to fill this gap by “developing the evidence-based economic rationale for action on childhood obesity”.


The technical objectives of work package 4 are:

  • to describe the lifetime impact and cost of (present-day) childhood obesity
  • to give a breakdown of these impacts and costs according to the year of occurrence
  • to assess the benefits of reducing childhood obesity by 1% and 5%.

WP 4 is based on an adaptation of the Foresight Obesity Model.


Outline of the work package

The work package proposes to conduct basic studies in three European Union (EU) Member States (Croatia, Italy and Portugal);four advanced studies (Ireland, Greece, Romania and Slovenia); and assess the generalisability to the rest of the EU. Participating Member States exhibit diversity in the completeness of data, populations and national circumstances.


An expert International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), as a collaborating stakeholder, will provide support to guide scientific aspects of work package 4.



Work package 4 performs five key tasks





HZJZ (Croatia), HZZO (Croatia), ATEITH (Greece), AHEPA (Greece), UCC-CHDR (Ireland), ISS (Italy), MS (Portugal), IOMC (Romania), NIJZ (Slovenia).


Collaborating stakeholders

  • Department of Health – DoH, (Ireland)
  • The Food Safety Promotion Board – safefood, (Ireland)
  • Joint Research Centre - JRC-EU, (Italy)
  • UK Health Forum, (Ireland)

Contact: Kevin BALANDA at kevin.balanda@publichealth.ie