Work package 3 evaluates JANPA


The Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki - ATEITH (Greece), is the leader of the work package 3.


This work package assesses whether JANPA:

  • is being carried out as agreed in the Joint action Grant agreement
  • is on the right track
  • achieves its objectives.

Special attention is given to the evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the joint action.


JANPA is evaluated at regular intervals and the work package delivers every six months both interim evaluation reports as well as the final evaluation report, evaluating all activities with respect to specific risks, planned impact and dissemination.

Three main Evaluation Criteria, consistent with international practice, provides the basis on which project achievements and impacts are to be assessed. These are:

  • performance of the project
  • impact of the project on childhood obesity
  • performance of the partners.

Moreover, the three levels (along with indicators) used for the evaluation process of each work package are: process, output, and impact evaluation.


JANPA’s impact evaluation includes also the evaluation of the use of recommendations in national public health initiatives.



At least one institution per MS is involved in WP3:

BMG (Austria), FPS – Health (Belgium), NCPHA (Bulgaria), HZJZ (Croatia), SZU (Czech Republic), NIHD (Estonia), THL (Finland), ANSES and DGS FR (France), FAU (Germany), AHEPA (Greece), OETI (Hungary), IPH IRL (Ireland), ISS (Italy), SPKC (Latvia), SMLPC (Lithuania), MISA (Luxembourg), MEH (Malta), HDIR (Norway), SUM (Poland), MS (Portugal), UBB (Romania), UVZSR (Slovakia), NIJZ (Slovenia), AECOSAN (Spain).


Contact: Maria HASSAPIDOU at mnhas@nutr.teithe.gr