Work package 2 engages stakeholders


The Istituto Superiore di Sanità - ISS (Italy), is the leader of the work package 2.


Internal and external communication is at the center of JANPA  dissemination. It involves all the partners and addresses all stakeholders in order to increase knowledge about nutrition and physical activity and the contributions that JANPA makes to the issues.


Reciprocal communication is essential:

  • it aims at effective outreach and target audiences
  • it is based on a network analysis and strategic planning, including stakeholders
  • it identifies and adapts communication channels according to audiences.

The main JANPA target groups are policy makers in Ministries in charge health, of sports, of agriculture, of food and nutrition, of education, public health and nutrition institutes, health care professionals and health care managers and other interested stakeholders like educational bodies, associations and researchers. JANPA dissemination activities will ensure that these groups are aware of and engaged in the Joint Action.


Further information on JANPA dissemination activities can be found in the Communication Strategy. Our communication tools already developed are available in Dissemination materials.





Dissemination is a horizontal activity and all JANPA partners are called on for participation, in particular those involved include:

BMG (Austria), FPS HEALTH (Belgium), MoH BG (Bulgaria), HZJZ (Croatia), SZU (Czech Republic), NIHD (Estonia), THL (Finland), ANSES and DGS FR (France), FAU (Germany), AHEPA (Greece), OETI (Hungary), IPH IRL (Ireland), SPKC (Latvia), SMLPC (Lithuania), MISA (Luxembourg), MEH (Malta), HDIR (Norway), SUM (Poland), MS (Portugal), IOMC (Romania), UVZSR (Slovakia), NIJZ (Slovenia), AECOSAN (Spain).


Contact: Angela SPINELLI at info@janpa.eu