Here you can download the submitted by the JANPA work packages to the European Commission. WP1 and WP3 deliverables are released for internal use only, distribution is limited to consortium members.


ATTENTION: This page is currently under development. Pdf files will be uploaded as soon as they are produced.


Info-sheets of the main deliverables


  • D2.2 “Leaflet” The information leaflet gives the basic project information to the stakeholders and is translated in all the partners’ national language.
  • D2.4-5-7-9-11-12 “Newsletter” A total of 6 newsletters among the stakeholders will be disseminated during the entire course of the project.
  • D2.13 “The layman version of the final report” (pdf 4,3 Mb) This short summary, translated by the partners in their national language, contains the results and conclusions of the project.
  • D2.14 “Position paper” (pdf 900 kb) Defined with the support of all WP leaders, the document includes models and strong recommendations for the implementation of JANPA results.