The European Commission is supporting the Member States to make progresses in the areas of nutrition and physical activity. JANPA has contributed to this goal by defining a methodology to compare the quantity of salt, sugar and fat in food sold in the EU supermarkets; by estimating the direct and indirect economic cost of obesity and by identifying best practices in early interventions and school settings. Consult the document of the Commission for the description of the different initiatives to improve nutrition and physical activity in the EU.


22-11-2017 | OUTCOMES OF JANPA. Report. Summary of good models with recommendations for actions to be implemented

This report presents a summary of the best practices that are focusing on families with pregnant and lactating mothers and children under 3 years of age. There is information on 20 different practices from 9 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Norway and Romania). The data collection in the WP7 was aiming to find good models for multicomponent interventions and to evaluate and analyze successful actions. Information on both ongoing and finished or institutionalised/continued programmes/interventions was collected, as well as country-specific contextual information concerning childhood overweight and obesity prevention.

This report presents the results, per country and programme/intervention through various themes such as “equity”, “comprehensiveness”, “transferability”, “sustainability” and “evaluation”.

It gives the lessons learnt and the final recommendations of the “Early interventions” WP7 of JANPA. Effective public health policies and actions can halt the rise of childhood overweight and obesity and add healthy years to life. Promotion of healthy life-styles and ensuring access to health services for everybody regardless of gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic background is crucially important and should start early in life.

For further information read the Report.


17-7-2017 | EUROPEAN UNION. “Council conclusions to contribute towards halting the rise in Childhood Overweight and Obesity”
The conclusions adopted by the Council at its 3548th meeting held in Brussels on 15 and 16 June 2017, invites member states to integrate in their national action plans, strategies or activities on nutrition and physical activity, cross-sectoral measures aimed at tackling childhood obesity, focusing not only on health promotion and disease prevention but also on those children and adolescents who are already overweight or obese.


Following a first presentation made in November 2016 at the High Level Group, the methodology and results of the pilot studies of the Work Package 5: “Nutritional information” of Janpa have been presented at the reformulation group of the European Commission. This meeting took place in Brussels the 7th March 2017 in the presence of members of the EC, the JRC, EFSA (as invited expert) and Member states. The methodology of Janpa has been definitely adopted and will be implemented in 3 other countries in 2017: Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta (the Netherlands also planned such a study in 2017). In addition, the possibility to extend the methodology to many other countries in Europe will be explored.ed.


11-1-2017 | Together
Together’ EU-funded pilot project shares lessons learnt to promote a healthy lifestyle and diet to pregnant and breastfeeding women – Guide to the dos and don'ts!


20-12-2016 | Evidence Paper & Study Protocols
The “Evidence Paper & Study Protocols” contains two parts. The first, the Evidence Paper summarises the evidence about the prevalence of childhood obesity, its health & societal impacts and its healthcare & societal costs. It also deals with the experience of socially disadvantaged in the EU.


The General Assembly (GA) of JANPA was held on 14 September 2016 and was attended by 30 associated partners, 3 collaborative partners, Chafea (the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency), representative from DG SANTE and 3 independent external evaluators.


18-11-2016 | 26TH ECOG CONGRESS
JANPA participated to the 26th ECOG Congress held in Thessaloniki the last October. The Congress focused on interventions during early life, treatment of obesity and genetics.


The JANPA General Assembly (GA) meeting will be held on 14 September 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The meeting will bring together all JANPA partners and a number of associated collaborating organisations. The objective of the GA meeting will be to update all participants on the progress of the Joint Action and to plan the activities for the next period. Specific technical workpackage (WP) meetings will be also held on 13 and 15 September with agenda focusing on the upcoming implementation of the work in each WP and on challenges that may have arisen during the first year of the JA. The Evaluation workpackage will also organise the first face-to-face meeting with the external evaluators. The GA and WP meetings are hosted by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and are organised in close cooperation with the JANPA German partners: “aid infodienst – nutrition, agriculture, consumer protection”, “German Nutrition Society” and “Friedrich-Alexander-University”.


7-7-2016 | Information leaflet
The information leaflet gives to the stakeholders and decision makers a quick overview on the project. Simple and concise, this document summarizes the main points of the Joint action (aims, context and objectives) and are available in 21 languages.”


JANPA will work closely with the HEPP project (Health Inequity Pilot Project), that aims to help better understand health inequalities related to alcohol consumption, nutrition and physical activity. This pilot project will contribute to maintaining an EU and Member State focus on health inequalities and will help to mainstream measures to address them.

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22-4-2016 | POSTER
The poster report the content of the Information leaflet “on the wall”. It is simple and concise, a summary of the key topics of the Joint action (aims, context and objectives) for conferences and events. The poster is available in English and in two formats:
 - 70x100 cm (pdf 13 Mb)
 - 84x119 cm (pdf 13 Mb)


30-11-2015 | LET’S ROLL!

Researchers and experts from a range of centers and universities from across Europe gathered in Luxembourg on September 1st, 2015, to launch the JANPA project. The first meeting of the European project was attended by representatives from 39 institutions from the 26 participating countries. The meeting included an in-depth joint reflection of the objectives and the expected results of the project followed by an operative planning of the first activities of each partner. Download the kick-off meeting materials.



Simple and concise, these documents summarizes the main points of the Joint action. The project leaflet is now available in English and Italian and will soon be translated by all the partners in their national language. Read the brief description of the project.



JANPA intends to reach primarily decision makers, educational bodies, schools, parents’ and citizen associations, and all the other professionals in the fields of nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention working to implement actions among children, mothers and families. Creating synergies and sharing knowledge strengthens the value of the obtained results. For this reason, the JANPA web provides ongoing activities on dedicated social media channels (Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) in order to share the progress of the project. The aim is to allow health workers, decision makers, patient associations, the public and other possible stakeholders to participate and be engaged in an open discussion on the JANPA tasks.