The tools

Communication materials are developed in order to support the communication, dissemination and awareness regarding the activities of the project. The different materials developed during the project informs professionals and also general public on the activities and results of the project in order to ensure a wide accessibility of the information provided.


The dissemination strategy should ensure the visibility through: visual identity, slide presentations, information leaflet, periodic newsletters, brochure of the final report, position paper.


Visual identity

The combination and use of shapes, colors, typefaces and other elements create an image that is simple, yet rich with a concept synonymous to the JANPA project. Download the visual identity:


version 1 (png 73 kb )

version 2 (png 77 kb)


Slide presentations

The presentations allow you to have an overview of the project's main objectives, methods and expected outcomes. Download the presentation (pdf 523 kb).


Information leaflet

The information leaflet gives to the stakeholders and decision makers a quick overview on the project. Simple and concise, this document summarizes the main points of the Joint action (aims, context and objectives) and are available in 21 languages.

Click here to download the leaflet in your language

1. Bulgarian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

2. Croatian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

3. Czech Republic version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

4. Dutch version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

5. English version (pdf 4,8 Mb)

6. Estonian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

7. Finnish version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

8. French version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

9. German version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

10. Greek version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

11. Hungarian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

12. Italian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

13. Latvian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

14. Lithuanian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

15. Norwegian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

16. Polish version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

17. Portuguese version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

18. Romanian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

19. Slovak version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

20. Slovenian version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

21. Spanish version (pdf 6,7 Mb)

Info-sheets of the main deliverables


The poster report the content of the Information leaflet “on the wall”. It is simple and concise, a summary of the key topics of the Joint action (aims, context and objectives) for conferences and events. The poster is available in English and in two formats:


The electronic newsletters are released on a regular basis which intend to provide the interested stakeholders (media, organizations, associations and general public) with up-to-date information on the activities and achievements. Look at all the issues.


The layman version of the final report (Brochure)

A readable and concise communication product, accessible to the larger public and targeted at decision-makers and non-technical parties. It is a short version of the final report that contain the results and conclusions of the project. The layman version of the final report (pdf 4,3 Mb).


Position paper

This document, which is aimed to the European Commission and those who have worked at the front line of the project, contains models and strong recommendations for the implementation of the results of the Joint Action. Position paper (pdf 900 kb).